Knitting Socks

If you follow on Instagram, you saw that I cast off the pair of socks for Cole and he's been wearing them all week.  In fact I had to sneak them out of his bedroom after he went to sleep to air them out! Wool is great like that isn't it?  A night on the clothes line and they smell good as new.  This week I've cast on a pair using Kroy socks.  The boys bought it for me for Christmas and it is so much softer and nicer to work with than the last yarn.  I'm really loving the colors, too.  I had fully intended this pair to be for me.  Ha!  Cole already asked if he could trade me these for the other pair.  Oh, and could they be shorties instead, since he pushes all his socks down around his ankles anyway? 

So, shorties it is.  I'm using Susan B. Anderson's Smooth Operator Sock  and then planning a Kirby Wirby afterthought heel.  I have to say that knitting a tube is so much faster than turning a heel and building a gusset.  If these fit well, I'm not doing gussets ever again!  

How about you?  What's on your needles this week?


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  2. Too much, a 4xl flax sweater. Determined to make it at least to the sleeve split before I cast on for another project.

  3. Those are wonderful colors! I think I've seen that one in the skein and passed it by because I didn't realize how pretty the socks would be.

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