Taproot Inspiration

It's February.  The mornings have been bitter cold.  The afternoons filled with rain and ice.  I dare not admit how long it's been since I've been on a walk, except to the chicken coop to give the girls a few treats.  We're all grumpy, a little rough around the edges {That's a nice way of putting it, my family tells me.} and feeling very uninspired.

But recently I made a discovery that has me so excited.  Our library system subscribes to Taproot Magazine!  I have the first two years in my personal collection, but decided not to renew once we moved to the homestead.  Instead, we've been putting any extra money aside for big purchases like a new vehicle and solar panels.  I know it will be worth it in the end to not have any debt, but I have tremendously missed the seasonal stories, recipes, art, and crafts of so many like minded people.  I ordered all that our system had and have been savoring each issue, one by one.

I'm starting with Issue 16: Shelter.  The Home Sweet Home paper houses were a huge hit with Luke, and had us all make one for his town.  You can download the houses here for free.

I think this will be just the boost we need to get back on the creative track.... and I'm vowing to get outside more this week.  We have another warm up coming and it will be above freezing for a whole week!  I can't wait to see how much the woods have changed since we last visited.

How about you?  Are you in a creative slump right now or have any inspiring ideas to share?


  1. No creative slump here as far as yarn projects are concerned, but where I'm sorely uninspired is where my gardens are concerned. I should have my garden plans underway, but I just can't get there. Yet. Glad you found all those issues of Taproot and hope you get in a few good walks. Your desire to be debt free is inspiring! Well done, you. :)

  2. Going for walks is impossible in our weather here, too, with snow and ice guaranteeing you will land on your butt at least once on the walk. Or you have to lift your legs over and over again over 1-foot snowdrifts and get stuck... No fun.
    Similarly to you, the only time I get outside right now is when I feed the goats, chickens and ducks - and almost freeze my fingers of in the process.
    We are not experiencing a whole lot of creative slump right now because we just got back from a vacation, and homeschooling is in full swing. And I'm knitting my bootie off and am preparing for gardening and goat baby season!

  3. My creative spirit is in high gear. I think that making things is an outlet for the exasperation I am feeling in the midst of the political storm we find ourselves in. Repurposing and creating are ways to resist, and I am grateful for the opportunity to transform my feelings of overwhelm.
    We are in the midst of quite a snowstorm here in New England, and so I am housebound with my sewing machine. Can't think of a better companion!
    Sometimes when I am in a creative slump, I pull paper out of our recycling bin and make wacky collages. Sometimes ideas for other projects come from a spark in the collage.
    Sending best wishes for renewed creative energy.

  4. We are feeling a little ...paused....here. In between things I guess. I love that you found taproot magazines! I love the couple issues I have but really need to get those back issues. Good for you for sticking to your plan to save....even in the harder times. I'm sending you good inspirational vibes <3

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