10 Things to Love About Life in February

Now that February's almost over and I've only posted once, oh wait I haven't at all.  I thought it would be more efficient to post about all the things I've loved about life in February.  So here we go...

:: Traveling to Florida to visit my mom and dad.  

:: Seed catalogs

:: Buds on the trees

:: A mostly still full woodshed

:: Long, lazy mornings by the fire, reading out loud together, knitting, and stitching

:: After being without for over a month, a finally fixed computer

:: Significantly more daylight

:: Biscuit making

:: Crunchy snow and mud

:: Piles of books

How about you?  What were your favorite things about February?


  1. For our family it is more light, preparing seeds and the smell of coming spring :)

  2. those biscuits...yum and the cabin in that book..to die for. I'm kinda sad to see winter go (can't believe I said that!) but we had no winter really and no snow. I am already thrust into the go go go pace of Spring..started seeds, birthing goats, planning gardens, figuring out new chicks etc...and I'm already longing for hot drinks, warm fires and knitting *sigh* I'd like a January/February do-over please :)

    1. The book is amazing! It's Cabin Porn, by Zach Klein. I know just what you mean about winter. We've really only had snow for about two months now and we haven't even gotten the skis out of the shed. I think by next week, it will all be gone. :(

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