Taking Stock

When it feels like life is moving way too fast or I've accomplished absolutely nothing, it's nice to take stock at the end of the week.

Making: Oatmeal and brown sugar soap

Listening: Woolful Podcast #42

Snacking: Quesadilla's made right on top of the wood stove.  No dishes necessary!

Giggling: While reading out loud from "Little Heathens".  The boys made me read the chapter on outhouses twice.

Enjoying: Clearing the clutter.

Waiting: To visit my mom and dad in Florida.  They bought us all plane tickets for Christmas.  It will be Cole and Luke's first time seeing the ocean.

Loving: The clarity of the night's sky this time of year.

Buying:  This pattern.

Bookmarking: Small Business Blog

Hoping: My computer cord shorted out and I have to wait for a new one before I can upload any patterns.  It should be here on Wednesday, I hope.  Unfortunately, Birchwood will have to launch next Sunday, instead.  In the mean time, I'm having a 50% off sale on all my patterns over on Ravelry.  No coupon code needed.

Smelling: Sage from last summer's herb garden.

Admiring:  Lyrics written by my oldest son.


  1. Looks like you've been wonderfully busy, I hope your computer is sorted out soon :)

  2. Replies
    1. I have knit that pattern. It is wonderful, and I'm starting another one this spring with local to me wool.

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