Thrift Store Finds

Tiny rural thrift stores are the best and in our neck of the woods, we have many.  One in particular, is our favorite and routinely has "fill a grocery bag for $5 day".  Let me tell you, I've gotten pretty good at making use of every square inch of that space.  I guess I'm pretty good at that in general, now. 

This week was the ultimate score.

A whole shelf full of knitting books.  Dozens of them.  Most were books for novelty yarn, but a few were must haves...

99 Yarns and Counting

Luke's been loving biography's lately, and I even managed to squeeze in a couple for him. 

What's been your favorite thrift store find, lately?


  1. oh wow... you have to gorgeous books there! enjoy xx

  2. I would call your haul a Mother Lode. Congratulations! I don't get to thrift stores much anymore so no good finds recently.

  3. Those I great finds. I wish I could get lucky enough to find those kind of books at our thrift stores.

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