Going Going Gone

The rain turned to wind and snow sometime around ten last night.

Big white heavy flakes.

By morning it was going, going, gone.

And with it, the last of the leaves on the trees.

I'm so grateful we had such a nice long autumn this year.  We've been desperately trying to finish a list of projects before winter, {hence the radio silence around here} and have made a pretty good go at it.  Our top of the list items are to finish the siding, build a woodshed, maybe a small workshop and general clean up.  Mike broke two fingers last week, so the well will have to wait until Spring again. He can still do a lot with the injury, but pounding a well is out of the question.  If you'd like to see more of what we've been up to,  I've been posting almost daily on Instagram.


  1. So sorry to hear about mikes fingers! Ouch. Your to-do list is long and I understand that. Progress is nice though. Enjoy the end of autumn...winter is coming!

  2. oh no!! so happy you coming along with all your projects but sad to hear about mikes fingers - sending healings from across the miles. already love you on instagram xxx

  3. So sad for mikes finger! But you had a great and interesting to-do list with you and All the very best for all of your projects! We are not on Instagram. Can we still see your postings ?

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