10 Things on a Thursday

1.  Our well is coming along.  Pounding it by hand is awful and we've been avoiding it at all costs. Except when the old guy up the road comes over and asks if we need help pounding the well.  It's his polite way of saying we should get this s#*t done.  Oh, and it looks like we're going fourty feet, not twenty five.  Also, my dad keeps calling to ask if we have water yet.  

2.  Last window installed.

3.  A pair of sandhill cranes have been hanging out in our field every morning.

4.  Made an apple pie as an excuse to go visit the old guy and his wife up the road.

5.  We found Chanterelles on the forest floor.  They turned into the most delicious mushroom risotto.

6.  I need more yarn.  No, seriously.

7.  This week, I really miss a tub.

8.  Mike and I celebrated our fourteenth wedding anniversary.  I met him when I was fourteen. We've been together more than half my life.  It's crazy good.

9.  We had our first frost on Tuesday.  All my basil in the herb spiral died, because I forgot to cut it.  Sigh.

10.  The wood pile is growing by leaps and bounds.  And that's good, becasue it's October!


  1. We had a heat wave the last two days. Hard to think of other people having a frost. Now the winds have come push out the heat and we'll see much cooler weather!

  2. one can never have enough yarn.... *chuckle*...
    happy anniversary to you and your man xxxx

  3. I always enjoy my visits to your blog, Liz. :)

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  5. Now the winds have come push out the heat and we'll see much cooler weather!
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