Second Chance Blackberries

Just when we thought we'd missed out on berries this year, we found the mecca of blackberries while hiking through the Blue Hills.  With a stash of ziplocks in the trunk for just in case, and whistles to keep the bears at bay, we picked six gallons before the boys were tired of making their way through the tall brambles.  We were't prepared with swim suits or towels, but we were so hot and sticky {it was a humid 90+ degrees} that we found a swimming hole and jumped in anyway.  Back to the house for canning and we ended up with 22 jars of jam, enough to keep us in spreads for biscuits, toast and scnones through the whole year.


  1. Yum, blackberry is my favorite. You'll remember this fun outing with every bite.

    Just recently found your blog -- love your beautiful photography!

    1. Thanks, Tracy! It will be a nice reminder when we have three feet of snow on the ground in February.

  2. Mmmm mmm! 90+humidity doesn't sound very fun, but the waterhole and canning does. Such sweet memories you're making with that jam.

  3. Blackberries are my favorites! You lucky people!

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