Tiny House Building :: Sheet Rock

These photos are from earlier this Spring, showing some of the progress we've made on the inside of our tiny house.  The downstairs walls are finished, but we still need to finish the loft.  It's so hard to get motivated to make a mess when you're living in the space, especially drywall, so we're trying to push through before winter makes it impossible to work in here.  Don't you just love this 1940's enamelware dry sink we found at Restore?  It's exactly what I was looking for to fit in this space and has worked out perfectly.  

The shelves are made from salvaged headers and pipe we found at the hardware store.  The instructions for these shelves can be found here.

Tomorrow, I'll share the counter and benches that Mike custom built for this wall.


  1. A tiny house is my dream. Love the updates and love that sink! what a score!

  2. thank you for sharing!! i have been dying to see how your tiny house progressed xxx

  3. I love you intentional you guys are being - beautiful!