Handmade Soap

Our handmade soap.  We use it every day and love it so much that we bring it everywhere we go. Most of the time, you'd even find a bar in our backpack, because I hate to use those nasty restroom soaps.  This week, I found out that our soap boxes are being discontinued.  I've been wanting to give our packaging a makeover for a while now, but haven't been sure of the what or how, let alone the time to figure it out.  I knew that I wanted less packaging.  Less waste.  Less paper.  Less ink.  More towards our lifestyle {and our soap}.  Simple.  With the news of our boxes, it was just the push I needed to create something new.  We may tweak it again, but for now, I really like it.  

Mike has also been asking me to make him a shaving soap for months, so for Father's Day, I've made a brick of Bentonite Clay Shaving Soap, and added the new labels.  The soap is filled with rich lathering oils, bentonite clay to detox the skin, and local beeswax for healing.  You can find it in our shop here.


  1. What a beautiful label. Isn't it funny how sometimes we just need to be forced into an idea that has been rolling around in our heads?! I really enjoy your posts, they feel authentic and inspiring

  2. Thank you! It is so nice to have the push to get things finished.