Wild Ramps

On the north facing slopes of the woods, near the stream, ramps {or wild leeks} are growing everywhere.  We spent an afternoon digging up the wild edibles; some to transplant in our woods and some to eat. Fortunately, in our area, ramps have not been over harvested and are still prolific. {It takes up to seven years for these plants to grow, so please harvest conservatively.} This is our first year trying these plants, and I must say they are delicious!  A mix between garlic and onion, we've been adding the leaves and bulbs to eggs, potatoes, and meat garnish.  Ramps are strong though, so a little goes a long way.  

Have you ever tried ramps?  How do you use them in cooking?


  1. Lucky you, we still have a few more weeks before ramps are ready here. They are just poking through the ground now. We love them, and I have a few special spots that no one else has found yet, so I go year after year to harvest. We use them as you do, in egg dishes, potatoes, tossed in pasta...so good! Enjoy!

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