Pallet Barn

After seven long days house sitting for my brother, we're finally home.  It feels so good to wake up in my own bed and get back to our daily routine.  

Homestead projects have also resumed. 

We lost so much of our stuff this year due to lack of proper storage; furniture, clothing, personal mementoes, that we decided the barn needed our attention most right now.  At the time, loosing so much seemed devastating, but it turns out that almost a year later, we don't really miss anything we lost and it's incredibly freeing to know how little we want and need now.  Pretty much everything we own will fit into this 8 x 13 ft barn.  

I think the chickens were a little disappointed that the barn wasn't for them.


  1. Oh my goodness, when I saw those first photos I thought your barn collapsed! We had a lot of ice this winter and saw many buildings go down. Phew, I'm glad that wasn't the case!

    1. These pallets are so sturdy, I don't think anything but a tornado could take them down!