It's late winter and all manners of making keep our hands occupied and our minds sane...

:: Luke is loving risotto with carrot curls

:: I'm putting the final touches on my new hat pattern

:: Cole is carving a giant crochet hook

What are you making today?


  1. I'm intrigued by your hat - can't wait to see the FO. Carrot curl risotto sounds like fun, we're on a roast pumpkin risotto trip at the moment.
    Does Cole crochet or is it a gift for you? It looks chunky enough for t-shirt yarn, he could make a nice rug with it.

    1. Pumpkin risotto sounds amazing! I'm hoping to convince Cole to keep the hook and try crochet, but I think his intentions are to try and sell it in the shop for some moola.

  2. I too am intrigued by that hat you are knitting! I am sewing a silk dress of silk dupioni and knitting a beautiful color wave sweater for 11yo daughter. In the kitchen boneless chicken breast waiting to be made into a delicious dish for tonight's supper. Newly married daughter is in town, most of the immediate family is coming...