Strawberry Jam

Yesterday afternoon, the wind whipped across the field and the temperature dropped to -22 F.  The truck wouldn't turn over.  The car wouldn't start.  The computer froze up {momentarily}.  The hinge on the wood stove door broke.  

But we had strawberries.  Just past their prime organic strawberries, free for the taking from the market.  I wrote about this delightful place here.  Not good for eating, but perfect for making jam.  

Can you believe it... fresh strawberry jam in February?  It's like summer in a jar.

Fortunately, the truck and car both started this morning.  The computer is fine.  The wood stove door is still broken, but it's functional until spring when we can replace it.  

And, I get to eat homemade jam on toast for breakfast.

Take that, winter.

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  1. jammie!!! So delicious to have youre own home made food, Love it.