A Knit Hat for Madysen

Last time we visited my niece {she's four}, I was finishing this hat.  I didn't have any other yarn with me, but promised I would knit one for her the next time I came to visit.  She requested that it match the shirt she was wearing and I happened to have just the color.  The yarn is a mix of something incredibly soft like baby alpaca and worsted wool.  I'm not sure though, the wrapper disappeared long ago.  You know me, I love contrasting blocks of color, so I added a border of heathered gray and a fun matching pom pom.  What four year old doesn't love a pom pom?  ... I hope she does.

{Joining Ginny}


  1. Gorgeous hat, I love the colour combination!

  2. I have an almost 4yo little girl & I know she would love this hat. :)

  3. Is there an adult version of this hat!? So cute. It seems hats require knitting in the round, a skill I have yet to master!

    1. I made it up as I went along, but it could easily be sized up for an adult. I've got a similar hat in the works for adults... stay tuned! The first time I tried knitting in the round, my stitches were so tight on the needle I couldn't get them to move over the needle join. I even thought the needle was defective, so I returned it and of course, the same thing happened when I tried again. It took a few times, but I finally got it. Don't give up, you'll get it, too. :)