Sometimes, during the dead of winter, we turn on the generator and watch a movie. 

Sometimes, we watch magnificent winter sunsets over the back forty.


  1. Hi
    Amazing sunset!
    My boys 6 & 10 both want one of yours farmers market hats but I don't have enough stash to make them so I'm going to town to buy some yarn this afternoon.
    Yarn in france does not seem to be classified the same way as in the US or UK so I just wanted to check the thickness I should be getting - should I buy for 4 or 6mm needle?
    just realized that you are not in the same time zone as me so you won't get this until much later in the day!!!

    1. Thanks Emma! You'll need both needles: 4mm for the ribbing and 6mm for the top. I you didn't want to buy both, you could cast on fewer stitches to make the edging snug, then increase back to the original # of stitches. I used worsted weight for most of the colors.