Restoring Cast Iron :: Part 2

If you were waiting to read Part 2 on Monday, well.... better late than never, right?  Weather dictates all projects on the homestead and it just wasn't cooperating.  

Didn't that pan clean up nice?  The wood stove didn't fare so well.  It looked sleek at the beginning of winter {of course I forgot to take photos}, but this stove.... well, it gets a lot of use. We heat our water, our house and our food with it.

Now, to take care of your cast iron:

::  Wipe out your pan after each use.  Don’t wash with soap and water, it will ruin the seasoning.

:: Transfer left overs into another container.  Any liquid left in the pan will create rust.

:: If you notice food sticking to the pan, it’s time to reseason.

:: Store in a dry area.

I'd love to hear your cast iron stories... favorite recipes, tips for cooking, etc!

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