Fresh Food

Can you believe that the grocery store was throwing these out?  Almost expired, the clerk said.  She wouldn't let us take the food then, but said it would be taken to the thrift shop where they would have tables set up and we could take as much as we wanted.  It makes me sad and grateful all at the same time.  Horrified that we live in a country where so much food is wasted and taken for granted, yet thrilled to be able to save cratefuls of free organic foods from the dumpster.  

We've been picking up cast offs regularly now, mostly organic greens and breads, to give the chickens, but every once in awhile there's treat for us, too!

Halved with a sprinkling of sugar or fresh squeezed for juicing... either way, fresh grapefruit is like a ray of sunshine this time of year.  

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