Wooden Buttons

Lucas asked me if I could teach him how to run a business, so he can start a restaurant, {selling his famous french toast}, making enough money to buy a rather large Lego set he's had is eye on and then take us all out to Chinese {his favorite}.  Sure, I said {I love a good unschooling project!}.  We talked about how to get started with permits and licensing.  Building and equipment.  Employees and taxes.  How many customers he would need to make a profit.  The hours required to run a restaurant.  I didn't even get to the part where over fifty percent of restaurants don't make it past the first year {I didn't want to seem discouraging, after all} before he came to the conclusion that the restaurant business wasn't the way to go right now.  

While talking about businesses that would be low cost to set up and manage, he remembered making buttons with me earlier this summer.  He was able to use all the tools himself and make a beautiful product that he could sell in our shop.  We discussed the expenses and fees of Etsy and Paypal, along with how selling on Etsy works.  He and Mike went to the woods straight away and came back with a few dried branches of oak to work with.  Luke spent the whole morning clearing the branches to be cut while I worked on a pile of my own buttons to prepare for the shop this week.  I can't wait to share what he made!


  1. I love reading stories like this! What a fine young man you are raising!

  2. Just lovely...... xxx

  3. Wonderful! Excited to see his finished products in the shop.