Knitting Secrets

I'm working on an undisclosed knitting project at the moment.  I wish that I could say more about it, but the publisher has sworn me to secrecy until next year.  Agh!!  I'm really not very good at keeping secrets.   What have you been knitting this week?

{Joining Ginny}


  1. I'm on a crochet tour because I'm going to give some crochet workshops in about two weeks. It should be small projects that you can 'finish' in 1hour and with all the different stitches. So I crochet, try, timing ect ect. And ofcourse I want it to look very nice, cute, lovely.... ;-)

    1. What a wonderful class idea. Best of luck on your tour!

  2. Oh boy, how exciting! I am terrible at keeping secrets. Best of luck with your secret!

  3. I would be bursting if I had a secret like yours! Excited for you.