This Week

photo by Mike

This week:

::  Oh, the guineas.  If we had only known how noisy they really were, we'd have never ordered them.  Imagine a car alarm going off constantly, from sun up to sun down.  Unfortunately, the guineas have to go... for all our sakes.

::  Jake is off house sitting for the week.  His first gig as an official adult.  Adult.  I can't believe I just typed that.

::  When everyone else went back to school, we unschoolers went kayaking.  

::  Knitting, of course.  Adair mittens for a lovely customer.

::  Building is still in progress.  The bathroom floor is up and if the rain ever stops (10 inches this month) we may get the roof on the house this weekend!


  1. Oh no the poor guineas ^^. I have heard they make a lot of noise, too. Do you already know which birds you will keep next? Perhaps the good old chicken?

  2. I LOVE guineas!! They are the one thing I miss about living in Missouri. I honestly never really noticed all their noise. Love love love them

  3. Oh yes, guineas are quite vocal. Have you thought about Bantams? We are loving ours, they are so sweet and make the cutest little noises.

  4. We do have chickens too, and LOVE them! Americana's, Blue Laced, and Buff Orpingtons. We're thinking of replacing the guineas with Quail or Chucker in the spring.

  5. My husband keeps telling me we should get guineas...maybe I should ask him why? Lol. Cute photos of the noisy buggers. I was thinking about your home build the other day & wondering if you were getting indoor plumbing--very glad you are indeed! I hope you stay warm tonight (Friday). We are getting a freak (I suppose it's now 'normal') frost tonight here in Iowa.