Sod Busters

With the help of all our boys and a few extra friends,  we were able to remove all the sod from the first section of the garden.  It's looking really good and I'm so happy that we haven't had to till and disturb the soil too much.  The little guys helped Mike spread straw mulch where we'll plant the tomatoes later this week.  

Do you see the tractor in the background?  That's the neighbor, tilling his field to the west of us.  As he stirred up clouds of dirt, it made me all the more certain of what we're doing on this small piece of land.  He sits perched on top of his tractor, talking on his cell phone (desperate for a connection, I imagine) and I feel sorry for him.  He seems so detached from the soil and the seeds he's about to plant.  Our way is slower, for sure, but we receive so much more.  We get to touch the ground with our bare feet.  We are able to talk and laugh with each other.  Our bodies grow stronger and more able to do the work ahead.

The second section of garden beds are still waiting, but for now, I'm satisfied in the work that our fourteen hands have accomplished.


  1. Bravo to the many hands! I bet everyone felt so good once it was all completed. I always feel that way after a full day of garden burn in my muscles.

    PS I feel a whole lot better about not owning a tractor now, either. Truly. ;)