Random Mondays

A few random moments from our weekend...

:: I really shouldn't be allowed into an antique store with any kind of money.  I have zero self control in those places and lose all sense of value or thriftiness.  Mike is even worse and we went together.  I saw this watering can tucked into the corner of a second floor corridor and I knew I should have left my backpack in the car.  Who can blame me, the bright yellow paint, loved off in all the right places, softly chanted to me from behind a box of vinyl.  I'm ashamed of what I paid for it and even more disgusted because it has a leak under the handle's rivets.  So here I am trying to be thrifty and simplify and I end up with a twenty six dollar leaky watering can.  At least Mike had enough sense to put back the forty dollar coffee grinder.

BTW, it works just fine for watering outside, but not for my delicate seedlings.

:: More tomato seeds planted.

:: Sweet potato slips  (I think that's what they're called.)

:: Remnants from an afternoon with friends

::  Movie night rocks!  I finished one whole panel of the backpack I'm making for Luke.  I've even picked up for the backside and knit a few inches on that, too. 


  1. You aren't the only ones with no control, my Mike and I are the same way.
    By the way, I have a yellow watering can too. :)

  2. Yay for spring seedlings.. and a wonderful new watering can. It's perfect!

  3. A little splurge to award your usual thriftiness....