Out Cold


Most nights this week, I've passed out cold before 7 o'clock.  I remember when my kids were really little, falling asleep face first into their food after a long day of playing outside.  That's exactly how I felt this week, barely able to carry a conversation through dinner.  This time of year brings a whole new level of physical activity, combined with everything we're doing to prepare for the homestead.  

Thursday, we managed to take a break from work at home and drive the camper up to the land.  We took apart our old dog kennel and tied it to the top of our camper, thinking it would make the perfect run for our chickens.  I think it's going to be just right.  We had intended to finish the backside of the coop, too, but forgot to bring the right tools.  Ugh!  Instead, we picked rock out the neighbor's field and used it to line the outside of the coop.  They'll help fill in any gaps where critters might get in.

Mike was nice enough to drive the whole way, so I could do some knitting.  I'm working on a custom Kendall Slouchy Hat, using Cascade 220 in heather gray.  I don't normally like the feel of this yarn, (I find it's stiff like cotton) but the natural gray is really nice to work with. 

What spring projects are keeping you busy this week?


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  1. Your coop looks great. I know the feeling of exhaustion for these early spring days (well really mid to late spring but it stills feels like early spring.). Hauling mulch, digging, planting, cleaning out the barn, my body is slowly getting into shape. Can't wait to see more of your homestead as it comes together.