One Row At A Time

Oh, I wish there was more time to knit a row or two at a time.  Most of my knitting looks like this right now:

Plant a tray of seeds, knit one row.

Wash a load of laundry, knit one row.

Play a hand of cards with Cole, knit one row.

Help Luke look up information about bridge construction, knit one row.

Prepare meals, knit one row.

Tonight is movie night, though.  I might finish three rows.

Are you getting any knitting done this spring?

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  1. I am still knitting very early in the mornings and late at night, in between those times it's just like you, a garden, animals, children and a home keep needing my attention.
    Slowly but surely a project will be finished, thank goodness I won't need it for months.

  2. Yep, pretty much knitting like you at the moment. Maybe I need a movie night too! Enjoy your film.

  3. We've spent some time traveling lately, so for me, that is time in the back seat knitting while my husband does the hard part. Well, I have to entertain the little babe also, so I actually think that is the harder part! Just finished an adorable summer tunic for her.

    1. Traveling with little ones is so hard. We drove across the country when Luke was a year old and that was a challenge. I feel for you.