Random Bits

A few random bits from the week...

* Walked barefoot in the soft grass.  

* Read a book outside, in the sunshine, on a blanket.  I was even alone for about five minutes before the boys found me.

* Made several sets of cloth napkins, some for the shop and a set for us at home.  I adore the tiny flower print and originally bought it to make a Wiksten tank.  Let's just say this pattern is not flattering on us larger busted women.  It hangs like a tent, if you know what I mean.  I should have known this from the get go, but I was in denial. The pattern is well written though, and easy for a novice like me.

* Trying to find more ways to cut expenses.

* Walked to town every day.
* Baked these.  No one wants me to bake them again.

* Started a new knitting project, but slipped the first stitch of each row when I should have knit it.  I ripped it out and stared over.  

* I used fish emulsion for the first time.  It's horrible smelling stuff, but I'm told my seedlings will love it.

Wishing you all a wonderful weekend.

p.s.  I don't think I've mentioned this here before, but our oldest son, Jake, is a Falconer and tomorrow he's releasing his very first bird.  It's going to be a rough day all around.


  1. Best of luck to your son! This is a good list.

  2. Oh man! Sorry you didn't like the cookies :( I promise they were a hit at my house - especially with the chocolate chips.

    I am glad that it meant I was able to find your adorable blog :)

  3. The cookie bit made me laugh! I've done that a handful of times. Most of the time my people will eat anything I make and then sometimes....

  4. Cutting expenses - yep, trying to do all the time. Fish emulsion - yep, pretty stinky stuff! The dogs followed me around when I used it in the garden.