This Week

A few random things from this week...

:: We ordered a new board game called Carcassone.  I think we've played it about 10 times already.  We really love open ended strategy games and this one has been a true gift with several days of below zero temps again.

:: I caught a glimpse of a bright red cardinal against the freshly fallen snow.

:: A large flock of robins feeding in the crabapple trees reminds me that spring will be here all too soon.

:: Mike's mom surprised us with a carton of fresh eggs.

:: We decided on fruit trees for the garden; Honeycrisp, Haralson, Froastbite, Cortland, Pears, Cherry Plums and Crabapples.

::  The house is filled with the scents of homemade soap.  Sandalwood Orange, Vanilla Oatmeal and Brown Sugar, and Wild Mint.  

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  1. The soaps sound wonderful - I bet the Sandalwood Orange would be a great one to use in the shower in the morning. We've been seeing robins here also. Thought I would share my post from last week about the "robin myth".