Lots of making has been going on this week:

::  Hand dyeing hemp and organic cotton fabric for the annual easter basket knitting kits.  This week, I'm dyeing more yards in yellows, pinks, and oranges. 

::  I cleaned out my zipper stash, over the weekend, and am going to use them to make some zippered knitting pouches.

::  Luke is obsessed with bridges right now, so we've been reading about different structures and he's been using popsicle sticks to create and test his own designs.  We're really loving this book.  

::  Knitting has been slow this week.  I've been steadily working on my log cabin squares, but most of my time has been focused toward sewing.  I even purchased my first shirt pattern and I'm going to try sewing my own clothes for this spring and summer. 

::  I don't know if gardening counts as making, but our first seeds have sprouted!  I thought for sure they weren't going to survive.  It had been over a week and nothing was happening.  Some mold was starting to grow on a few of the pots, too.  I moved them to the kitchen table and put a space heater next to the trays to help them warm up and dry out.  It was literally minutes after I turned the heater on and we could watch with our own eyes, the little onion shoots pushing their way out of the dirt.  I guess they were just cold and damp.  Since then, the mold is gone and every morning we wake up to check and see how many sprouts have emerged.  

What have you been making this week?


  1. That is a lovely blanket idea, I've been turning the idea of the 10 Stitch Blanket around, but when using multiple shades, it looks muddled. This way means a more harmonious mind saver :) I'm working my way through my ravelry queue and Easter goodies, and trying to work up the nerve to sew some doll clothes. The most I've done is a pillowcase style dress and that took a few hours longer than necessary. And of course gardening counts as making! You are making food :)

  2. I love that hemp fabric! This week I've been working on lots of things! I just finished the second of two dresses for my daughters. I've been busy sewing up new pot holders and coasters for my shop. And lots of gardening!

  3. March does seem to be the month for sewing! Everybody is sewing - maybe the lighter feeling of the fabric is a welcome change to the heaviness and winter feelings associated with knitting.