A twist here, a twist there… and a few cables in between.  It's the same hat that Luke was wearing in this photo, but without the pom pom.  It's a good thing, too, because I think there's just enough yarn left to decrease the top!

I haven't been reading much this week, but I'm relishing the short audio stories of Ambrose Bierce.  I love a good ghost story at any time of year.

What are you knitting and reading this week?

(Joining Ginny)


  1. love the yarn for the hat .. what is it? don't you love doing cables ... it's so cool to see the texture, light-dark play, and sculpturalness of the finished garment!

    Hugs and enjoy the journey.

    Mary G.

  2. What a beautiful berry color! Won't get lost in the snow.

  3. Lovely hat.
    Seems to be a nice, softknit.

    I started with the first mitten of a pair. Some twisted stitches and some cables from a Bavarian pattern.
    In gorgeous green yarn, I dyed last week.

  4. I love the red yarn beautiful!
    I'm trying to knit a shawl when I can. My 6 month old a catnaper so I'm not getting much sleep lately too tired to knit I make silly mistakes ;)