Heat, or lack there of.
Last night our furnace stopped working.  {deep sigh}  While rummaging through the basement, to find the electric radiators, I quickly realized that Mike couldn't call a repairman until we finished cleaning up the mess from last week.  Our drain backed up.

I spent about 4 hours finishing laundry and picking up.  You know, so the repairman could get to the furnace and I wouldn't be completely humiliated by the mess.

I called the local HVAC office to schedule an appointment.  The very nice repairwoman asked if we had checked the intake and output lines for blockage, because lots of people were having trouble with them this week after the subzero temps and snow.  I said no I hadn't, and asked where I could find the intake and output lines.  She explained to me how to check and sure enough they were encased in ice.

Mike went out with a screwdriver and chipped away the icy build up.  He turned on the thermostat, then the furnace.  Then.... a sweet, warm wave of hot air came rushing through the registers!

After long, cold night it was pure bliss.

I feel a little cheated though.  I have a clean house and no one to witness it.  Anyone want to come over and knit mittens with me?  It's clean.  Oh wait, one of the boys just dumped a box of Legos on the living room floor.  Well, it was nice while it lasted!

{Random Project}


  1. I would come knit mittens! :) Glad that you have heat again. Stay warm!

  2. Glad it was a quick, cheap fix though!

  3. so glad you are all warm and cosy again!

  4. Aww, what a bummer! A clean house and no one to see it! I feel your pain. :) A clean house, it seems, either doesn't happen often or doesn't stay clean for long...that's for sure! But I relish those rare times. :)
    So glad your furnace was an easy fix though!

  5. I'm currently knitting dishcloths, but I wouldn't mind the compagny!
    We had a brand new furnaise installed, but it didn't work for 2 days since we had to wait on the electrician to instal a proper wire to run it... ah, old houses! Every one had a knitted something and a comfy sweater on, and we were glad, too, when the furnaise finally worked!