Really, the title of this post should be Random, because that's exactly what life feels like right now. The boys are each immersed in their current pursuits, while Mike and I learn side by side about gardening, construction and animal husbandry.  All the while, we're immersed in our own personal work.  We seem to have no rhythm at all, except that we are bursting with energy and excitement, trying to take in and study as much as we can about the day's current interest.  It's invigorating and intoxicating and exhausting all at the same time!

I suspect that as the anticipation of Spring approaches, I will only become hopelessly lost in my ability to create meaningful connections between blog posts.  I tend to give up on writing when I can't make connections.  Instead of trying to fight it and not write anything,  I'm giving into the random.  I've come up with an idea to keep me on track.  Each morning, I will write down one word.  I may write about it and I may just post a photo, but at least it's something.  I hope to keep it up for the next month and if I like it, I may just keep going.  If not, well, I won't.

* * * * *

So, with that, my first random word...


Around this table, we join together to nourish our bodies, our minds, and our hands.

It's a square, sturdy table that found us at a local antique store a few years ago.

We immediately fell in love with it, and had great fun imagining all of the other families who gathered round for celebrations and ordinary life.

From the 50's, it was formerly a large dining room table, repurposed into a coffee table.  Just what we needed for a trio of rough and rowdy boys.

We have a traditional table, in the kitchen, but it rarely gets used.  This one, with all it's rich history, is where we most often choose to eat, play, work, and create.  No chairs, no fuss.  Just a place where we all gather through out our days.

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  1. We all have those days, when there is so much going on, that it is hard to put it to words in one blog post. But that is probably a good thing, because it means that our live is full of (hopefully) joyful, or productive, or exciting, or meaningful things. Or just the everyday moments, which are good too.