I can always count on Luke to go on a date with me, when the walls of winter start getting a little to close for comfort.  I love spending time with this little one, because he has a wicked sense of humor and is always making me laugh!  

Our first stop was at our local yarn shop.  Luke picked out a skein of Malagrigo Chunky, in Vermillion.  He'd like another cabled hat, but without the pom pom {please}.  I picked out some gray and goldenrod wool for just one more pair of mittens. (The pattern will go live tomorrow!!)  I also picked up some Dream in Color, for a custom order of Jack Pines.  

After a good dose of wooly eye candy, we made our way to the thrift store.  I picked up a pair of giant basket bowls.  I think these will be perfect for harvesting veggies from the garden next summer!  We also found some fun new books.  The guys are crazy about Mad Libs right now.  We went through a whole booklet last week, so this mega pack was well received.

To end the evening, we went to dinner at a famous rib joint.  After the waitress brought us our menus, Luke disgustedly set aside the baby menu and asked to use a real menu.  In complete opposition, he ordered a whole rack of ribs.  Yep, you can imagine the look on the waitress's face when my tiny eight year old added two sides, as well.  Luke didn't even bat an eyelash and it was a proud, proud mama moment, I tell you.  

With a small doggie bag, we made our way home.  Bellies and hearts bursting with love.


  1. Sounds like a wonderful day spent with your son.

  2. We love those Pigeon books. It's always great to spend a little time with just one. I think I know the famous rib joint you noshed at--yum!!!!