A New Knitting Pattern: Adair Mittens

sizes toddler to adult

Adair is a Celtic name meaning: a ford by the oaks trees.
Just behind our homestead, where the river flows slow and shallow, the animals have been seen crossing, into the forest where they disappear under a canopy of oaks.
This classic, seamless style mitten is knit from the bottom up using worsted weight yarn and Size 3 (3.25mm) and 4 (3.5mm) double pointed needles.  A tubular cast on, gives the mittens a strong, flexible foundation, and a simple stranded colorwork pattern finishes the top.  The colorwork reminds me of the tall, sturdy oaks growing along the shores of the Chippewa River.
These mittens are my go to pattern around here, for their simplicity and function.  They're interchangeable and really quick to knit.  But, I really adore these mittens, because of the endless color possibilities!  You could mix and match or you could even mirror the colors on a second mitten (I have a love of mismatched accessories!)  
What colors would you choose?


  1. These are lovely. I regret that I didn't sign up to test knit them earlier, but it's been a crazy couple of months. I'll definitely be making these in the future - you are a wonderful knitwear designer. Classic, simple, patterns. Love them!!

  2. These are adorable!! Thank you for the pattern!

  3. Nice! I'd probably choose pink and purple if I bought the pattern.