12 Days of Solstice: Day 4


A great covert operation is under way around here:  handmade holiday gifts.  In our house, someone is always awake.  This means that there is never any good time for secret gift making and we have to get creative.  I won't even mention the hat I knit in the bathroom one year!  A few rows here, a few rows there...

Jake is up to something in the basement.

Luke has three gifts wrapped and under the tree.

I managed to knit this sweet little fox, while Mike and I watched a movie last night.  It's for Luke and I'm hoping that I can finish it tomorrow morning before he wakes up.

Now, that only leaves a gift for Cole, Jake and Mike.  I can totally make that happen in seven days, right?  Um, it's a good thing they won't mind if their handmade gifts are a little late this year!


  1. your fox looks great...if its any comfort Im behind with my handmade gifts too........have to start earlier next year

  2. Finished my cup cozies for our 5 granddaughters last eve......we're celebrating Christmas on the 21st so that was a great incentive to finish early. Merry Christmas.

  3. What a cute little fox - I love him! I find that if I just sit quietly and don't say anything nobody asks what I'm stitching at - maybe that's just my indifferent family! ;o)

  4. Oh my! I LOVE that little fox! I. Must. Have. The. Pattern. What kind of yarn did you use? I'm sure your son will love it! :)

    1. I lost the ball band on the orange, so I'm not sure what the brand is. I think it's got a little mohair or maybe alpaca in it, and it's a dk weight. I had to do a little adjusting on the chest to make it work, but I think it turned out pretty great!

    2. I think it turned out perfect!
      Lol! You sound like me, I always lose my ball bands. :P Ooo! Alpaca! Now there's a fiber I must get my hands on someday....

  5. Alpaca is so soft and dreamy! If it wasn't so expensive, I think I'd knit everything in it's fuzzy goodness. :)