It's been one of those weeks where we've been so very immersed in making and the planning of making, that we forgot what day of the week it was.  Somehow five days have passed without realizing it, and only because the dentist sent us an appointment reminder late last night, did I know that today is indeed Friday.

There has been the making of music, a wooden Titanic model, lego towns, games, hand dyed yarn, wood carving, some top secret holiday gifts, and lots and lots of ornaments for the shop....

Oh, how I love this time of year when we move quietly inward and are able to envelop ourselves in creativity.

p.s.  Tomorrow we're going up to the land, to make a chicken coop, out of free wood pallets.

What have you been making this week?


  1. OK. I want that Tree Branch Ornament. Beautiful! :)

  2. Oh my, those gift tags are amazing, simple and beautiful. I'm slowly gathering bits and bobs to start our christmas gift making - the kids are painting pots to plant spring bulbs in that we are giving to aunties. I've been knitting wee trees, similar to the one you posted a while back but with a little cable pattern.
    Hope the weather is being kind to your house building. Can't wait to see the pallet chicken coop. We've just added a shelter with a wooden floor to ours so there little feet get a rest from the frozen ground. Here it's cold and snowy but we are cosy, warm and creative next to the wood fire.

  3. Happy belated Birthday!

    I love the wooden gift tags.
    I haven't done much making of any thing lately been busy with the baby she been a bit restless.
    But I've been dreaming of the time when I can get back to making things :)

  4. Love your tags. We have been busy too. I am making hemp yoga pants and soap for Christmas gifts. Henry has been busy building a dry shed for the lumber he is sawing on the mill that we will use to build our home with. I can't wait to see your chicken coop.

  5. Love the little reindeer. What a unique, simple idea.

  6. So so beautiful! Simplicity is beauty. :)