Candle Night


Candle night.  That's what the little boys called it when we started lighting candles at dinner years ago.  I remember starting it as a way to bring us all together in the evenings for games or music.  For us, it marks the transition from light to dark and has become part of our rhythm during the long dark evenings.  We light one taper in the silver candlestick at dinner time and let it burn through the night.  The last one to bed blows it out.  Some nights we gather around the candle's glow together and some nights we go our separate ways.  But the candle, it's always there, as a reminder that we are all connected.


  1. Beautiful! We love this time of year for the exact same reason, there is just something so warming about candlelight.

  2. What a lovely tradition : )

  3. I really love this tradition. So beautiful. I would like to try this too. :)