Autumn Projects

Luke has been reminding me regularly, that it is only "x" more weeks until Halloween and we need to start decorating.  Some of our homeschooling friends had the same idea, so eleven boys and three moms got together for a fall potluck slash craftapalooza.  Together we experimented with bleach painting t'shirts, dipping leaves in beeswax, paper mache lanterns, and necklace making.  Us moms picked crafts that we'd been wanting to do for a long time, because we know our boys.  As soon as you try to plan an activity for them, they hang out for about five minutes and then run off to create some elaborate game.  Which, by the way, is just how we like it.

I was also able to knit up one more sample for the Harvest Sweater.  I don't have any wee ones in our family to give it to, so I'm going to list it in the shop!  It's a size 2 in oatmeal and black wool with birch tree buttons down the front.  You can find all specific listings here.

What projects are you working on lately?

A few of you have asked and emailed about the how to make the beeswax dipped leaves, so here's what we did:  In a tiny crockpot, melt 1lb of beeswax.  I picked our beeswax up from the local beekeeper, but you can find it on etsy too.  Next, hold your leaf by the stem and completely submerge it into the melted wax.  Lift it out and let the excess drip off.  It will harden up very quickly and then lay it on a piece of parchment paper.  We experimented with both pressed leaves and fresh leaves; both turned out lovely, but the fresh leaves were more vibrant in color.  We also tried other objects, just for fun.  Flower petals, cicada and beetle shells, and illustrations from old dictionaries!


  1. Your sweaters are lovely and I'm so impressed with how quickly you can knit them up! I've always wanted to dip fall leaves in bees wax, one day I hope to make that happen around here. I'm working on a Debbie Bliss pattern, a simple sweater for a 1 year old, if I finish will be the first time I've actually completed a garment and not just hats, blankets, and scarves.

  2. My husband and I used to make beeswax candles that we sold at Farmer's Markets, so we have some still lying around. How do you do the leaves - fresh or dried? And do you just string them and dip them in once?

    1. We used both, and only dipped them once. I can't wait to try dipped candles, they smell amazing!

  3. I am so impressed with your photography. The sweater should sell pretty quickly, it is lovely. Your husband's buttons are perfect for it. I have never dipped leaves, I am sure my Granddaughter would love to. Maybe you could do a blog entry on that, please? I have just finished the feet on 29 owls on the bottom of an oatmeal colored shawl I am knitting. They have amethyst eyes.

  4. I so wish we hadn't used our most beautiful leaves in other crafts! Wait ... is this an excuse for another river walk? Hmmmmm...