Right Now

Right now, at this time of year, I'm all over the place.  In a good way.  My internal rhythm says it's time to shift, to slow down and snuggle in for the season to come.  Yet the refreshing breeze, warm golden sunshine, and long evening shadows invigorate me with a renewed energy.  This list, inspired by Che and Fidel, sums up life right now...

making: a wooden go game with Cole
cooking: lots of eggs
drinking: blood orange juice and lemonaid
wanting: for fall to last until May
needing: snow boots
playing: tag in the dark
wishing: the pears would all fall from the tree
enjoying: spending an evening with friends
waiting: for our building permits to be approved
liking: night walks
loving: late night conversations
knitting: a new sweater design
hoping: to begin building soon
seeing: what it's like from an 8 year old's perspective
smelling: fresh cut grass
wearing: tank tops in September
following: my intuition and going with the flow
noticing: Luke is so grown up lately.
bookmarking: Simple Shoemaking
reading: various stories by HG Wells
watching: shooting stars
dreaming: of a wood stove
listening: Edward Sharp and The Magnetic Zeros
feeling: grateful


  1. I am absolutely mad for Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros!! Best music I've heard in a long while. I'm currently knitting a pair of your Birchbark Longies for my oldest son, halfway through the second leg, can't wait to see the on him! X

    1. Happy knitting!

      p.s. "Man on Fire" helps me knit really fast! ;)