Homesteading: Salvaged Harvest Table

Homesteading:  An account of our journey to becoming off grid homesteaders.  Our path will be long as we are only paying in cash and our funds are very limited.  Mike and I have no idea what we're doing so we'll be learning as we go.  I know we'll make mistakes and that's ok.  It's all part of the process.  

We would love to read about your homesteading experiences, so if you'd like to share your favorite resources, tips, funny stories, recipes, books, website or even just a photo from the week, please leave a link in the comments.

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When I saw this farmhouse table in Sundance a few years ago, I knew that someday it would be a part of our homestead.  A giant outdoor harvest table, perfect for everyday gathering with family and friends or seasonal celebrations under the stars.

I'm sure you've seen this table many times before...  good design, is good design.  It's fairly easy to put together, too, considering we made it with only a hand saw, chisel, hammer and a few nails.  We were also able to use some of our salvaged wood for the legs and top frame.

Luke declared it to be a table for kings.  And one queen.

We still need to plane the top level, add a coat of sealant, and build a bench or two, but it's perfect for right now.

Having a place to gather, makes this piece of land feel like we're one step closer to home.


  1. I know that table well and yours looks absolutely wonderful. Can't wait to see the finished product!

  2. I love Sundance catalog and I always find something that I like that I think we can make, like the reclaimed wood picture frames and mirrors. It is in our long term plans to make a table like this also. We have some old wide plank floorboards that we removed from our attic that are destined for a project like this.
    Just discovered your blog. My husband and I own 1/2 an acre and we have had several homesteading adventures. We have several fruit trees, have had up to 9 beehives on the property, 20 some chickens for eggs and meat (dog food - we are vegetarians), 9 Indian Runner ducks (way too messy for 1/2 an acre), and then a menagerie of inside animals - dogs, cats, and rabbits. We made and sold beeswax candles and bought a cider press for our apples. That was a great investment - nothing like your own fresh pressed apple cider! Our main problem is that we get distracted easily and always seem to have too much going on to really focus and get good at one thing. Through the years though, the chickens are the one thing that have stayed, we have just downsized a bit though. We think it is an easy and fun way to be more sustainable. I love to see "the girls" come running for their kitchen scraps!

    1. Thanks so much for sharing, Katie! Easily distracted... sounds exactly like us. ;)