5 Ways to Use Wool Sweater Scraps

I love making upcycled longies out of wool sweaters.  They're adorable, one of a kind, and oh so useful.  Not only are they made from a renewable resource {100% Wool!}, but I get to recycle a garment that would otherwise end up at the trash dump.  One day, after cutting up a batch of pants, I was complaining to Mike about all the left over waste.  That afternoon, we brainstormed some ideas about how to use up all the little pieces and save them from the trash can!

Here are 5 of our favorite ways to use up wool sweater scraps:

1.  Natural Wool Stuffing for toys, pillows, ornaments, etc - Cut the scraps into 1/4" strips and then into squares.  

2.  Wool Dryer Balls - Wool scraps, instead of carded fleece, for the core of the dryer ball.

3.  Felt Heart Ornaments - I add a teaspoon of dried lavender and then fill it the rest of the way with wool stuffing from above.  They smell so good tucked into a drawer or closet and I have several hidden among my wool yarn!

4.  Mason Jar Cozy Wool is the best insulator, keeping your hands cool and your hot drink hot!

5.  Pot holders - I especially love the use of itty bity scraps on this piece.

What's your favorite way to use up sweater scraps?


  1. I often use 100% wool sweaters as a source of felt for the appliques on the dolls that I make! I love the pair of longies you posted as the top picture, so pretty!

  2. I like the idea of using them as filler. Much softer and thicker than the old t-shirts I have laying around!