The Finished Sweater... well, almost

I finished it, I really did.  Sunday night, around 11:30 I sewed on the last button and held it up to give it one more glance over, making sure I didn't miss any loose ends.  I smiled and went to bed with the satisfaction of finally finishing Cole's sweater.  Monday morning, after breakfast, I told Cole that his sweater was done, and he immediately wanted to try it on.  It fit perfect, except for the sleeves.  Apparently, his arms have grown an inch or two since first taking his measurements, because the sleeves were way too short.  With a heavy sigh, I snipped a stitch, ripped out the row, and began knitting again.

I will be finished tonight.

I will be adding an extra two inches, because this sweater had better fit for a long, long time.

I will be modifying the pattern to include a provisional cast on, so that this bottom up sweater can be tried on before finishing, you know, to avoid all this mess in the future!

Tomorrow, I will show you a finished sweater.