The Final Haul



{still smoldering}

 {a random tree frog Jake found under a pile of rock}

{trying to figure out how to get the whole playhouse to fit in one last trip}

{the roof was left behind}

It was satisfying to see all the people salvaging what they could off this house, which was destined for a colossal bon fire Saturday morning.  Among us were metal scrappers and random families, excited to be picking up almost brand new appliances for just a few dollars.  Everyone we talked to had the same response to the fate of this home...  shock, disgust, sadness, disbelief.  That so many valuable resources would be wasted, to be replaced by concrete roads and 15 more homes.  Not to mention the thousands of mature trees that would be removed from this area of land.

If we had more time and a truck of our own, we could have saved so much more.  All in all, though, we ended up removing a sliding glass door, a 6 foot picture window with a half round top, enough wood to build a chicken coop and probably a small out building on our homestead.

This whole experience has only made us more certain that creating a homestead and living as close to the earth as possible, is exactly the right thing for our family.

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