More Deconstruction

So, let me tell you how day three of deconstruction went...  

First, the boys and I dropped Mike off at work.  Morning kisses and hugs all around, and well wishes for the day.  

I looked up how much it would cost to rent a truck and trailer for the day, so that we could haul all of the building materials away from the salvage house in one big load.... um, it's really expensive.  We opted to take Mike's brother up on his offer to help make trips back and forth.

I quick ran into the grocery store to pick up food for a picnic lunch, and on the way out the door,  I noticed a half folded fortune laying on the ground. {you know, from a fortune cookie}  It was the second random fortune I found this week.  I picked it up, folded it open, and... did.  

When we arrived at the salvage house, we were the only demo crew.  It was just as quiet and peaceful as it can be in the country, and a pleasure to be working in the warm morning sun. 

Cole rocked out with the drill like a pro, removing screws from the floor boards.  Jake pulled out the last of the wooden fencing and Luke drank lots of "lemolaid". 

(photo by Jake)

Around lunch time, we ate our picnic in the shade and watched the wildlife around the wooded property.  A Red-tailed Hawk, flying so close to the ground that we could see the detail in it's wings.  Also, a pair of wild turkey hens made their way up the driveway to see what we were all about.

We worked until the drill ran out of battery and then decided to run a few errands before we had to pick up Mike and return to load all of the wood onto the trailer.  While sitting at a stop sign, jammin' along to Charlie Parr, and minding our own business, this happened....

A woman came straight off the highway and ran right into the back of us.  We're all just fine, if not a little frazzled, and the other driver, too, but our Mighty Honda is not faring as well.  The insurance company says it will likely be totaled, due to the age and miles.  I really loved this car.  It was reliable, dependable, had great gas mileage and we could fit A LOT of stuff in it.  The tow truck will be picking it up tomorrow for inspection. {deep sigh}  

In case you didn't notice, it's a little ironic that I took the photo of my found fortune on the roof of my now smashed in vehicle.  It's a good thing I'm not a superstitious kind of woman.  Oh, my.

Somehow, we had to get off the highway.  With our ancient pre paid cell phone that I keep in the glove box for emergencies, I called Mike.  He came to our rescue.  In a borrowed car, of course, because we only have the one vehicle.

I won't bore you with all of the details of trying to get a rental, last minute, on a Thursday night, but it was something to tell the grand kids about for sure.  

It seems we've come full circle today and are now the proud renters of a cargo van.  It just so happens that this cargo van came at a steep discount, due to many said boring details, and with this rather large cargo van, we were able to go and pick up almost all of our salvaged lumber, after all.  

I'm really hoping that we can completely finish this job tomorrow and that the day is uneventful.

This weekend, all I'm going to do is knit.

Also, I'm not picking up anymore fortunes, ever. 


  1. That was more UN-fortunate than fortunate! Things happen in real life, but you still have time for something wonderful...


  2. Who needs to read fiction when you can have real life drama...I had a fortune a few months ago that read, "You will be traveling to other lands". I now have a trip of a lifetime planned for Scotland in October.

  3. Wow, what a day Liz... so glad you are all fine - and really how wonderful to be able to salvage so much.

  4. Don't discount that fortune yet! When our beloved Toyota Corolla was totaled, we were able to replace it with the Prius. We couldn't have moved out west without the Prius, and we could never have afforded the Prius without the insurance money from the Corolla. Weird things happen, you can count on it. We're rooting for you here in Oregon!
    ~Rebekah and Patrick

    1. Thanks for the encouragement, my friends. We're hoping that the insurance company will total our car, and then we'll be able to buy a vehicle that will pull a trailer.

  5. Thank you so much for all your well wishes!