Can it really be true?  This boy, who was born when I was just seventeen, is now seventeen himself.  It's a little bit surreal and I've been trying to find the right words all week, but I can't.  I love this boy beyond words.

As our family does for every birthday, we celebrated with a long birthday week{end}.  Apple pie {made by Cole and Luke}, fried chicken, and chocolate cake were consumed in mass quantities, balanced by a lot of time outside enjoying the last few days of true summer.

Best wishes to all of you celebrating this end of summer weekend~


  1. Happy birthday to your young man! And to you as well, mama! (:

  2. Happy birthday to him and happy birthing day to you. Sounds like the perfect way to celebrate :)

  3. Happy Birthday to him! It's a strange feeling when that happens (I was also 17, my eldest is almost 19 now!)