Monday night we got a call from Mike's brother, that he knew of a house, not to far away, available for salvaging.  A split level home and all the land around it had been purchased by a developer and was going to be used as a training space for the local police and fire department.  The owners told us to go ahead and remove anything we wanted before Saturday, when the firemen would return to burn the house down.  Mike and I traveled alone the first day, thinking we would just take out the sliding glass door, and be on our way.  However, when we got to the house, I realized that we could salvage so much more.  There was decking and floor trusses, for out buildings, and a whole play house that could be remade into a chicken coop.  Windows, fencing, gutters, down spouts for our rain barrels, and more!  Mike sort of looked at me like I'd lost my mind, wondering how on earth we were going to do all of this work, as he didn't have any more time off from work this week.  I decided it was too good of an opportunity to pass up, so we did what we could and I would just have to finish up on my own.  Jake, reluctantly, agreed to be my assistant for a couple days, and help me with the really hard, physical labor.  The little guys joined along, too, for moral support.  It really wasn't a safe place for them to help, but they had a great time exploring in the woods and pretending the house was haunted!

Today it rained, so we weren't able to make it out, but my arms were so sore and bruised that I really didn't mind.  We did get almost everything apart yesterday, though.  I have a few more decking boards to remove tomorrow, and then all we have to do is load everything onto a trailer!

I'll be back tomorrow with an update on our progress...

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  1. Good job, saving the wood! Can't wait to see what you make with it!