A Birthday Weekend

photo by Mike

photo by Mike

photo by Cole

photo by Cole

photo by Cole

photo by Cole

It's been a whirlwind of a week.  Mike came home last Thursday and said those irresistible words.... "How about a road trip?"  
My reply, "Ummmm.... what about Luke's birthday weekend?"  
His response, "How about the 1880 Train in South Dakota?"  
We asked Luke if he'd like to go.  
His response, "YES!"

Twelve hours later, with bags packed, a cooler full of food, the animals cared for, reservations in place, and a full tank of gas, we were on the road!  

Here are a few of the highlights from the trip...

:: Wild sunflowers, oh how I love thee.

:: Wide open prairies

:: Badlands National Forest

:: Rock climbing

:: Toads, Buffalo, and Wild Donkeys (Who like to steal your lunch!)

:: Black Hills National Forest

:: Wind Cave National Park

:: And of course, the train.  Luke whispered softly in my ear, as we chugged up the hillside, "Mom, this is awesome."  

Yes, indeed it was.  

Happy Birthday, my 8 year old boy.  

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