A few random bits from the last week.

::  Early Summer flowers are finally starting to bloom.

::  Making a set of wooden stones, just because they feel so good in my hands.  

::  Evidence of a mama black bear and her two cubs.  Jake found them dismantling our wildlife feeder up north.  Lesson learned?  Wait until after the berries have ripened to put up the wildlife feeder.

::  We picked up enough lumber to start the floor of the new house....  just as soon as we get our permits, that is.  And it stops raining.  Free, recycled lumber is not easy to come by, in our neck of the woods.  It has proven to be much more difficult than we thought.  

::  A brave dip, in the still frigid waters.

::  Many afternoon picnics, in the soft green grass.


  1. ooooooh these pictures look wonderful, except for the bear pooh!

    Bear pooh! we should be so lucky, the best we get round here is rabbit pooh!

    Love your blog

    1. Just keepin' it real, Linda! ;) The bear pooh is a little scary though.

  2. I really like the wooden stones! Just beautiful.
    For your permit, do you have to also explain or give a septic plan?

    1. Thanks. :)

      With the size of our house, it's actually considered a garden shed, so we're able to avoid all of the standard home requirements. We only have to describe the location of the structure on our land and the basic design.