It feels like the whole family has all hit their creative stride this summer, what with the fresh air and fresh food from the market.  The inspiration is intoxicating, and we've all been busy making....  Luke is endlessly building cardboard villages for his trains.  I've been knitting away on my newest sweater design, and the other guys have been immersed in various wood related projects.  Cole has been whittling magic wands, Jake has been hand carving wooden fishing lures, and Mike has been making the most enchanting Crescent Moon Necklaces from the maple tree that fell earlier this spring.
We're headed up north to the land, for the day, to soak up more creative inspiration.

What have you been inspired to make this week?

(Joining in with Ginny)


  1. love the way that sweater is coming. and the cresent moons are great. might have to order a few for the summer solstice. <3