Most of my time this week has been divided between endless games of scrabble, decluttering and writting up a new knitting pattern.  

I had next week's test pattern all written up, I was ready to cast on, when I realized that I completely forgot to account for the underarm stitches.  UGH.  Well, that is the purpose of a test knit after all.  In between semi toddler thirty four year old style fits, I worked on another knitting project, cabin fever block.  I've finished four blocks now and I'm sure to be done by the end of the year, as planned.  They're such fun for car rides, coffee shops with friends, and while waiting my turn at Scrabble.  I'd impose a time limit on taking Scrabble turns, except I really enjoy knitting.

Also, I've quit drinking soda recently.  Mountain Dew and I met in college, and this love affair has gone on far to long.  There, I've said it and I'm moving on.... for my waist line and my health.  I'm replacing it with a lot of unsweetened iced tea and so far it's working perfectly.  I'm also spending a lot of time apologizing for my semi toddler thirty four year old style fits.  My family rocks, though, and are very understanding.  Mike was going to quit this week too, but we decided, for the sanity of the family, that only one of us is allowed to cut out insane amounts of sugar at a time.

If you stop back tomorrow, I'll be sharing an update on my decluttering adventures.  It feels epic.  

What have you been up to this week?

p.s. Joining in with Ginny and Nicole


  1. I was a major soda addict too and switched over to lemon lime carbonated water, I think I was addicted to the carbonation more than the sugar and it has been good replacement.

  2. I remember when my husband stopped drinking soda. It was.. an interesting week. But now he never drinks it (he'll have the random "natural" soda - but it's rare). In fact, he even drinks less coffee than I do now (we won't go into his lemonade obsession, though). But coffee is the one vice I won't give up.

    Best of luck to you! It will get easier!

  3. Good for you in giving up soda's. I gave them up about 20 years ago, it was hard! Once in awhile if we're having popcorn with a movie I will have a glass of club soda with elderberry syrup added or maybe carrot juice mixed with pineapple juice [a favorite]and club soda.

  4. I have the same bumpy relationship with Mountain Dew. I've "quit" several times but utter exhaustion from college and work have made me crawl back each time. Tea is definitely my fallback, though I prefer it hot!

  5. I make iced tea in quart canning jars and drink a whole quart every afternoon - I love it! hope it gets easier for you. :)

  6. Wishing you as peaceful as possible transition off of soda and yes, long turns sounds just fine to me too.

  7. I haven't played scrabble in a long time...used to play as a teenager with my parents. Good luck with the transition off of soda, not an easy one, but so worth it.

  8. good for you giving up the soda. :) and a nice iced tea will so hit the spot on those hot summer days.

  9. I love your log cabin blocks! Log cabin quilts are a favorite of mine, I never thought of knitting that style but now I will definitely have to someday!
    I'm looking forward to the decluttering update, sounds like you are having fun.
    Enjoy your tea :)