The Process of Cleaning

This cleaning is a process like I've never experienced before.  Not just in terms of organizing or putting things back where they belong, but a full-on journey.  I finished the kitchen earlier this week.  It felt good to have it done and I even wrote here that I was moving on to the basement.  Well, I couldn't.  The next morning, I opened the cupboard door to get a cereal bowl out for Luke and I had to move several cups to get at the bowls.  It was still too much.  How could this be?  I had already filled the mighty Honda with items just from the kitchen and took them to Goodwill.

I've been sitting with this all day and it occurred to me while reading an article from Ben Hewitt;  when you let go of the stuff, you're left raw and open.  Letting go, it's terrifying.  It forces you to face the questions of what holds value in our lives and how much is enough?  I thought I had a firm grasp on these answers, but I'm beginning to see that this change in our life is going to be profound, more so than I ever imagined.  Tomorrow, I'm going to start again on the kitchen.

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